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SkoPurp Soccer

An Orlando Pride PawedCast

A podcast dedicated to the NWSL’s Orlando Pride!

For years we wanted to spin off the Orlando Pride coverage in The Mane Land PawedCast into its own show. We are doing just that in April 2023.

Michael Citro and David Rohe will be your co-hosts each week of the NWSL season and at least monthly in the off-season to bring you news, analysis, and (alleged) humor related to the Pride. You’ll also be able to ask us anything using the form below or @ us on Twitter using the hashtag #AskSkoPurp.

Mailbagbox: Ask Us Anything

Submit a question and we’ll read it and answer it on the next episode!


*****Reviews for SkoPurp Soccer

“Top Notch! I have been waiting years for these two to do an Orlando Pride-specific podcast and today here we are. Michael and Dave have their finger on the pulse of everything Orlando soccer related and consistently deliver clear and accurate analysis. It just might not always be concise! Their interviews are excellent and the banter between the two adds levity and a genuine feel. I look forward to their continued pursuits and expanding the reach of women’s soccer media.”
– Gmaimone

“Experienced podcasting team and great guest interviews.”
– Boris the one and only

“I’ve been listening to these guys for years on The Mane Land PawedCast. I’m happy to see that they’ve been able to grow and offer a Pride-specific show. American soccer needs more dedicated and knowledgeable club-centered shows such as these. It’s particularly gratifying to have a well-researched weekly show centered upon an NWSL club as the women’s game grows (and Lord knows, as brutal as the Pride have been to watch for most of their history, doing this on a weekly basis can only be described as a labor of love.”